Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Spice Girls

Meet the Spice Girls. This is Basil,
and Sage.
They are four and one half weeks old. Cinnamon and Sage are full sisters. Basil has the same dad (Ted) but a different Mama.
Ever since the first time we babysat the Beutel rats, Ryan and James have been pining for a pair of rats to call their own. For a long time I thought they were too young, but they did so well with Bella and Alice last month that Seth and I decided it was time.
So how did we end up with three?
The boys and I drove out to the rat breeder's house last week. He had three litters of baby rats to choose from, but as far as Ryan was concerned there was only one acceptable rat and that was Cinnamon. He chose her right away and never wavered.
James was not as definite. He had to pick up each baby rat and hold it. Once he'd held them all he had to go back and do it again. This took a lot of time. While I was waiting for his decision, I kept picking up this sweet little grey rat. She cuddled into my hands and although I tried to talk James into choosing her, he was not interested. Eventually he settled on Basil and I decided that I would take the grey rat for myself. She was just too cute to leave behind.
Seth gave me a hard time about coming home with an extra, but it's turned out to be a good decision. Three rats = three times the fun!
August 2009


Anonymous said...

Memere says ugh!

Anonymous said...

The Beutel's agree they are very cute!