Thursday, August 23, 2018

Dog biscuit burritos

Sometimes (always) when Jennifer is away, I like to broaden Darcy and Emma’s culinary horizons.  Today’s broadening was Emma-themed; she’s from Pueblo, don’t you know.

Without further ado, I present to you… 

Dog-biscuit Burritos

Dog treats
1 Large tortilla, quartered

Servings:  2 dogs

Place two of the tortilla quarters on a flat area in your kitchen.
(Check driveway/walkway for Jennifer)

Gently and quietly rummage around in the dog treat jar for six (6) dog treats.

Place one (1) dog treat each at the point of each tortilla-quarter.
(Notice failure to quietly-rummage in the dog treat jar)
Add a row of two dog biscuits, mostly just to build drama.
Such is their focus that this is not the same picture as previously posted.  This is a second picture of a moment frozen in dog-time.
Complete the third act of this drama with a third row of three (3) dog biscuits.
…and with a flick of the wrist, the patented dog burrito rolling method will produce these lovelies.
…for these lovelies. (third exposure, swear to Santa Claus)
I can’t find the dog burritos.
I can’t find the dogs. 
August 2018


Anonymous said...

Someone is certifiable.

Unknown said...

I needed this unique Seth fun with the girls.......