Thursday, May 7, 2015

Field trip to the Denver Zoo

Today I chaperoned a seventh grade field trip to the Denver Zoo.
My group was made up of three boys and three girls.  
Each kid was supposed to choose an animal for us to see. Pedro picked the crocodile, 
Kyle selected the tiger... 
and James opted for the kangaroos. 
Kangaroo viewing face.
One of the girls chose wolves, but sadly their exhibit was closed. The other two girls didn't pick animals, so we just walked around and looked at whatever we could find. This included emus,
grizzly bears, 
and polar bears.
I took a lot of the photos I always take...
but I also tried to be a little more creative.
Lion paw.
This was a fun field trip.
I give it two thumbs up!
May 2015.

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timaru star ii said...

Love the tiger legs. I have a tiger skin rug so it's neat to see the 3D reality. Also love the artistic views!