Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The worst yard in the neighborhood, again

After the great plumbing fiasco of 2010, I was hoping to never, ever see a backhoe in my front yard again.  Sadly, the recent floods caused a giant sink hole to form in the middle of the yard, and eventually the clean water line failed.
We hired a better contractor this time, and instead of digging one big hole, he trenched the entire yard.
He also fixed the bad faucet that's been giving us trouble for years. 
That's the new clean water line.  I hope I never see it again. 
October 2013

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Sian said...

I hope you never see it again too. We had the clean water pipe break at our old house. It broke just before it came in to the meter so we didn't get billed for all the water that poured out but still had to pay for the big hole to be dug and the connection to be replaced. They put a copper pipe in instead of the PVC one that had been there. It was expensive too so i feel your pain to have had to do this twice :-(