Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pho and tell

One of Carol's summer projects is to expand The Beutel and Buxton families' culinary horizons.  A couple weeks ago, she talked Ryan into going to a Vietnamese restaurant with her.  
That was a big hit so today she organized another Vietnamese lunch, this time at Aurora's Pho-Yo! restaurant.
Our lunch party included Nate, Ryan, James, 
Andrew, Carol and I. 
Everyone partook in the lunch special bowl of Pho noodles.  James and I had ours with meatballs.
We also shared a pair of Korean Barbeque tacos.  These were ok, but not as good as I'd expected.

 My kids aren't adventurous eaters, so they were a little tentative when the food arrived.
However, it wasn't long...
 until they were slurping up their noodles like champions!
June 2013

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for joining me and agreeing to try a few more new places. I am looking forward to Friday.