Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Things my dad made

My parents' home is filled with things my dad made.  I would love to put together a catalog of his work, but this trip was much too short.  The best I could do was take a few quick photos.

This little table was Dad's first piece.  Mom wanted something for the entry way, so Dad headed out to a fancy furniture store in Beverly Hills.  He found a table that would fit the bill, but instead of buying it, he took measurements and photos.  He then bought a book on woodworking and figured out how to make it himself!
This lamp was made from a piece of Mexican ironwood.  It sits upon a table that once belonged to Dad's mother.
Another table--I think Dad said this is his favorite.
Dad built this desk and shelf unit for Erin.  It's still in her old bedroom. 
Patio furniture. 
A pen, a pencil and a crochet hook.
Dad's last piece was this little footstool.  
It looks a bit humble compared to some of the other items, but it sure gets a lot of use!
November 2011


RiderWriter said...

You've gone and made me cry. My dad also was a woodworker, and if he was still alive to be enjoying his retirement, that's exactly what he would be doing. He focused more on large-scale items like the built-in dresser, desk and bookshelves in my room and my brothers' bunkbeds. YOUR dad's stuff is just BEAUTIFUL! His craftmanship is impeccable. I especially love that very first table... would be proud to have in my own entry.

Lucky you to have such heirlooms in the family. All of my dad's works stayed behind in the house when Mom sold it. Thank goodness, the new family is still using it all, at least in my old room. I would have been heartbroken if they'd trashed it (we toured the place a year ago).

Regarding that marvelous barn he built you, boy, were you LUCKY. I either didn't know that Breyer made them or didn't think to ask Dad to make me one. When my daughter was small my mom thought it would be a great idea if my FIL made one for her. But he wasn't interested and darling daughter didn't play with my old horses, anyway (sniff). My FIL is as talented as your dad - he made a stunning real cradle for my kids out of walnut he cut up and planed himself from the logs. Definitely one of OUR heirlooms!

Anonymous said...

Who's that old woman sitting on the chair?