Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day at the museum

We went to the museum Monday.
Our friends Kristin and Nathan came with us.  The museum was extremely crowded due to the recent opening of Real Pirates: The Untold Story.  That exhibit was sold out, but that didn't prevent us from enjoying all the pirate decor.
It's entirely possible that the boys enjoyed the pirates a little too much... 
 See what I mean?
Ryan couldn't resist trying on a pirate hat.
Dread Pirate Ryan?
Captain Ryan Sparrow? 
Ryno Beard? 
Of course, we also visited our usual favorites--the Space room, Discovery Health, and Mineral Hall.
I don't quite understand the appeal, but my kids love looking at rocks.
Experimenting with the camera.
My favorite artifact in the entire museum is on the second floor in the Native American Indian Cultures exhibit.
You've got to admit--this is pretty cool!
March 2011

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Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. I especially liked pirate Ryan.