Sunday, February 27, 2011

James and the Giant Buffalo Chip

Today we went to Buffalo Bill's 165th Birthday Bash at the Buffalo Bill Museum in Golden, Colorado.  One of the main events was the Buffalo Chip Toss.  Ryan and James both competed in the Kids Division.  
Buffalo Chip Toss is a smelly version of horseshoes.  The winner is the person whose chip lands closest to the cone.
 The kids gathered around before the start.  Doesn't James look excited?
 The first chip is handed out.
 "I can't believe I'm going to do this!"
 James approaches the chip pile cautiously.
 He makes his selection, 
 removes it from the pile, 
 and walks happily...
to the front of the line.
 Winding up for the perfect toss...
 And watching as it flies through the air!
 James takes a moment to congratulate himself on a job well done...
before he remembers exactly what he's celebrating!
February 2011

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Anonymous said...

He looks exactly like Seth making that funny face in the last photo.