Saturday, December 18, 2010

Darcy Skyler Mona Buxton

 Darcy has been a member of our family for almost two months so I guess it's time to properly introduce her.  This is Darcy Skyler Mona Buxton.  She was found on a road in Alamosa and was transferred from there to the Dumb Friends League in Denver. 
 These first few pictures were taken at the Dumb Friends League the day we met her.
We knew she was the right one when she laughed at all Seth's funny faces!
Darcy at home.  When we first got her she was 18 pounds and the tips of her ears were floppy.
Now she is almost thirty pounds and her ears stand straight up!
Two red heads on the bed.
 Everyone loves Darcy...
even Maggie!
October, November and December 2010


Sian said...

I'm so glad you found such a sweet dog! I hope I can meet her sometime!

Braymere said...

You are welcome to come over and meet her anytime. She'll probably bark at you, though. Darcy is big on barking...