Sunday, May 9, 2010

Goodbye tree

Up until yesterday, our house had a big beautiful tree growing right in the middle of our front yard.We all loved that tree, but we did not love its location. It was right on top of our sewer line, and we've had ongoing troubles with roots in the pipes. We tried and tried to delay the inevitable, but recently we made the sad decision that the tree had to go.I had thought that we would call a tree service, but Seth said it would be faster and cheaper to drop the tree ourselves. He'd cut down trees during his golf course days and was confident that this was something we could handle on our own.

Mostly I think he wanted an excuse to buy a chain saw!
Planning the first cut.
Poor tree...
One down.
More thinking.
Ryan helped, too.
"You know, Mama, this little handsaw is ok, but next time I want to use the chain saw."
The last part was the hardest.
Look at that placement--no kids, cars or houses were injured!
This is the tree now.
Ok, some of it is still in the front yard.
Ryan and James in front of the big pile of branches.
Our house without the tree.
May 2010

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Anonymous said...

Good job, you two. Lots of work but some satisfaction for doing it yourselves.

Maybe later you can plant some sort of border at the edge of your property to dress it up a bit.