Monday, September 7, 2009

Leftover summer pictures

It's Labor Day. The kids have been in school for two weeks and although the calendar says otherwise, it does seem like summer is over. Here are some leftover pictures from our summertime adventures.We went to lots of parks this summer. The first four pictures show Ryan and James enjoying the big hill and water feature at Westlands Park.
Ryan on a mission.
Last one to the top is a rotten egg.
We also went to lots of pools.
This is the H2O'Brien Pool in Parker.
James is part of the Blue Man Group.
Soaking up some rays.
Nice hair!
Thumbs up mean everything is A-OK in James' little world.
Of course, we spent lots of time hanging out in the front yard with the neighbors. That's Jozsh, Cynthia, Edgar and Ryan. Here comes James to join in the fun.
The boys took very good care of their bikes.
Squirting it with the hose is more fun than washing it with a sponge.
Seth demonstrates proper technique.Maggie would really like to help, but she's just sure someone is going to squirt her. Everyone agrees the highlight of summer 2009 was the cousins visit. Here is Ryan waiting for them to come.
Ryan again, this time sporting his "modded" Nerf gun. Thanks Uncle Jason.
Johannes and Jonas on the swing.
Jonas in the front yard tree.
All the boys in front of the speeding purple minivan getting ready to head off on another exciting adventure.
Goodbye summer. We miss you already!

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