Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beach Boys

I am having scanner problems again. Seth knows how to make it work, but he's not good at sharing his secrets. For the time being I am limited to pictures from the last three years. Sorry!These pictures are from our 2007 Christmas trip to California. Seth and I borrowed the van and took the kids to Venice Beach. It was kind of chilly, and although we'd packed the swim trunks, we did not put them on the kids before we walked down to the water.Of course that was a big mistake. James pretty much ran right into the ocean. Ryan was a bit more cautious, but not much. Their clothes were soaked and they had to have been cold, but they did not care.Eventually they came out of the water and got interested in building a sandcastle.They worked on this for a while.
I think Ryan would have stayed right there in the sand all day,but James couldn't resist the water.When it was time to go have lunch, we dressed James in the only dry clothes we had left--his swim trunks and my hoodie. It's a good thing the kid has a well developed sense of humor!
I can't remember what we did to upset Ryan, but he was very crabby at the restaurant. James tried to be crabby, too, but you can tell he's faking it.The Venice Beach Boardwalk is a lot of fun. Even Ryan couldn't stay grumpy there for long.Everyone loves a Freak Show!
December 2007

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