Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stock Show with kids

I have visited the Denver Stock Show many, many times over the years, but until today I had never gone there with a whole busload of third graders. The first thing most of the kids wanted to do was go to the petting zoo.Mrs. Beswick pets her favorite animal.Abenezer and friend.
Fatima.I really like this picture of Ryan.
The John Deere booth is always popular. These are the four silly children that I was personally responsible for.
Catherine and Fatima.
Angus cow show.
The kids learn how to "candle" an egg. They are holding it up to a light to see whether or not it's fertilized.
Ernesto, Ryan and a rodeo clown. This clown pretty much demanded I take a picture of him with the kids. The kids were not into it.
There are a lot of neat things to see at the Stock Show, but nothing beats the horses. Here is my group posing with a very tolerant Clydesdale.
January 2009.

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